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Group exhibition THƎ NUDE. Stoerpunkt gallery, Munich.

The group exhibition THƎ NUDE, 22 September 2022!
I am fortunate to participate in this exhibition with two works invited by @stoerpunkt

The Nude-since the renaissance, the nude has been a customary, mostly graphic work preparation in artist studios and academies for the precise reproduction of body proportions and muscle play. Initially reserved exclusively for religious, historical and mythological subjects, its role changed in the course of modern painting in the 19th century. Accordingly, the term expanded in meaning over time. Today it is used to describe any form of non-pornographic, artistic representation of an unclothed human body.

THƎ NUDE is a group exhibition that illuminates the nude from a contemporary perspective. Privacy, self-determination, sexualization, objectification, grace, emancipation, #MeToo, seduction, self-confidence, eroticism, artistic aesthetics – never before has nudity been discussed so vividly, finely differentiated and controversially in public discourse as it is today. Every contemporary representation of the nude refers – willingly or unwillingly – to all these discourses. More than ever, artists today use nude representation to explore the limits of what is morally and aesthetically permissible.

The exhibition will take place from 22 September until 05 November 2022 / Opening Saturday 17 September 19-22 h.

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