Alejandro Casanova

As a painter, my focus in my works consists of representing simple scenes with absolute naturalness and rawness, through figures and portraits. I seek to create an intimate atmosphere that allows the viewer to emotionally connect with the work. This naturalness and the idea of the unknown is a way to evoke feelings in the audience, who is not indifferent and questions the reason for the scene, re-creating part of it and giving it continuity outside the frame.

Through the figures and portraits, I seek an intimate atmosphere in my paintings. The representation of scenes through the human figure and nudity is, for me, the simplest way to attract the viewer. My intention is to make an impact on the observer with my images, presenting the figures symmetrically in the center of the painting, in order to allow a vision of their most personal moments. I want the viewer to feel like a respectful observer, not with a lascivious or indecently gaze.

In my work, oil and watercolor are the main techniques. I use these techniques with the same intention: color, structure, and form. In my work, we find my inclination for the use of color, toned and clean, to the most saturated and high contrast. Color becomes a game where the brilliance of color becomes the central axis. I work in the painting with direct and precise brushstrokes, combining soft gradients with the cuts of the brushstrokes.

The essential for me is to evoke emotions in the viewer through my painting. I want my work to be a unique and unforgettable experience that emotionally connects the viewer with the scene. Each of my paintings is a story to tell and an emotion to convey.