In my work simple scenes are shown with absolute naturalness and rawness through figures and portraits. This NATURALNESS, and the idea of out-of-the-field that we don’t know about, it is the way to EVOCATING FEELINGS to the spectator who does not remain indifferent, asking himself the reason of the scene, remaking part of the scene, recreating possible events, and even giving continuity to this one after the sequence.

Through the figures and portraits, I look for an atmosphere of intimacy in my paintings. The scenes representation through the human figure and the nude, is for me, the simplest way to appeal the spectator.

My intention is to get the images strike and shake the observer, through the figures presented in the middle of the painting, in an almost symmetric way, observing their most personal moment. Therefore, in front of the work we play the role of voyeurs but without a dirty, lewd, or lascivious gaze.

My work has oil and watercolour as main protagonists, as well as social media. Using them with the same intention, relevance, structure, and form. In my work we find my inclination for the use of the colour, from the brownest and most broken colours to the most saturated and high contrast ones. Turning colour into a game where the brightness of the colour becomes the fundamental axis. Working on the painting with direct and precise brushstrokes where subtle gradients are combined with brushstroke cuts.