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Overflowing with Flowers (Atiborrado de flores) – 150 X 150 cm


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Oil on paper. 150 x 150 cm. (The shipment of this format is made in a tube for greater security of the work, attaching the wooden stretchers)

In my latest artistic exploration, “Overflowing with Flowers,” I capture a fleeting moment where the figure of a man emerges amidst the exuberance of white flowers. In this oil painting on linen measuring 150 x 150 cm, the protagonist, with slightly parted lips and part of his nose visible, stands in the midst of a floral landscape that envelops him. His face, barely defined, is engulfed by the profusion of petals and flowers, creating a unique fusion between the human and the natural. The man’s hands rest upon his blurred visage, conveying a sense of introspection and connection with his own essence.

In “Overflowing with Flowers,” I employ symmetry and compositional harmony to focus attention on the most personal details of the protagonist. The choice of colors, ranging from saturated tones to softer contrasts, contributes to the emotional atmosphere of the piece, making the interplay of colors the central axis of the visual experience.

Through this artwork, I invite the viewer to explore the duality between the ephemeral and the eternal, between the defined and the effusive. “Overflowing with Flowers” is a visual narrative unfolding before the observer’s eyes, a unique experience that encourages immersion into the complexity of the human connection with nature.

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