Evasion in cobalt – 40 x 30 cm


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Evasion in cobalt. Oil on canvas, 40×30 cm.

“Evasion in cobalt” immerses us in a universe of artistic exploration where the nuances of cobalt blue dance in perfect harmony. In this piece, each brushstroke is a journey of self-discovery, where the creative process becomes an intimate dialogue between the artist and the canvas. The figure, with her captivating gaze to the right, invites us to delve into the depth of her inner world, where colors and shapes intertwine in a ballet of emotional expression.

The color palette, dominated by cobalt blue in both the figure and the background, creates an ethereal and mysterious ambiance, evoking a sense of calmness and serenity. Every detail, from the floral motifs on the robe to the gentle interplay of lights and shadows, transports us to a state of contemplation and reflection.

As we explore this piece, we find ourselves immersed in the artist’s search, where experimentation and evolution are fundamental parts of the creative journey. The title “Evasion in Cobalt” invites us to escape from the mundane reality and venture into a world of infinite possibilities, where imagination and creativity are the only limits.

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