Challenging the threshold – 50 x 50 cm


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Another look in blue, oil on linen, 50×50 cm.

In my artwork “Challenging the Threshold” I delve into the complexity of the human experience through the portrayal of a young man who confronts the viewer with his penetrating gaze and defiant posture. The protagonist, with his arms crossed behind his back, becomes a study of physical flesh, where the skin becomes the canvas revealing the depths of the painting. Every tense muscle, every line of expression, speaks of internal struggle and the strength required to face life’s challenges. The symmetrical composition and the background of wallpaper with geometric patterns add a layer of complexity that invites reflection. Through this piece, I invite the viewer to explore their own “threshold,” that turning point where courage and vulnerability intersect. “Challenging the Threshold” transcends mere visual representation; it is a journey inward, an invitation to confront our fears and find the strength necessary to face them in a world full of uncertainty and challenges.

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