Evasion in green – 50 x 50 cm


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Evasion in green, oil on linen, 50×50 cm.

“Evasion in green” is a piece of art that invites the viewer to immerse themselves in a world of mystery and reflection. In this portrait, a woman with curly hair occupies the center of the composition, with an enigmatic gaze that seems to escape from both the viewer and the surrounding environment. Her face is bathed in a cool light on the left side, while her shadow side is defined by sober tones of reds and oranges. The figure is wrapped in a light green maya robe, adding a touch of freshness and mystery to the ensemble. The dark background contrasts with the figure, forming an intriguing composition of geometric shapes that converge towards the woman. This combination of elements creates a unique atmosphere of evasion and mystery, where each detail invites contemplation and interpretation. In summary, “Evasion in Green” is a piece that awakens curiosity and imagination, offering the viewer the opportunity to explore the depths of the human soul through art

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