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I am pleased to announce my upcoming exhibition in Florence titled “Fragments”. In this showcase, I will be presenting a selection of my oil paintings from this year and the previous year, focusing as always on portraiture and the human figure.

I cordially invite you to join me at the vernissage, which will take place on Saturday, April 29th at 6 pm at Onart Gallery in Florence, located at Via della Pergola 57-61 r. It will be an opportunity to come together, enjoy an evening filled with art and culture, and immerse ourselves in the beauty and expressiveness of the exhibited artworks.

“Fragments” is an exploration of the human condition through fragments of life and experience. Each artwork represents an intrinsic part of a broader whole, inviting us to reflect on our own identity and our connection with the world around us.

In this exhibition, you will have the opportunity to appreciate the visual and conceptual richness of my paintings, which capture the essence and complexity of human existence in a timeless manner. Through the technique of oil painting, I have sought to convey emotions and awaken introspection in the viewer.

I hope you will join me in this meaningful moment and enjoy the beauty and depth that “Fragments” has to offer. See you there.


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